Ontario Early Years Centres

Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs) are located throughout the province. We are lucky to have several sites in Hamilton. OEYCs offer programs that are free services for families, caregivers, and their children up to the age of 6. They all have the goal of “Helping to make Hamilton the best place to raise a child”.

There are various programs offered at the OEYCs throughout the city. Some examples include toy and book lending libraries, information and support on breastfeeding, nutrition programs, prenatal and postnatal support, regular visits from public health nurses, family literacy programs, play groups, special events/outings, speech and language supports, parent education workshops, programs for parents with new babies. There is always something exciting happening at the OEYCs!

In Hamilton, different OEYCs are operated under the direction of different community organizations including Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton, Wesley Urban Ministries, Today’s Family, and Hamilton Wentworth Catholic Child Care Centres Inc.

The centres are divided by regions of the city of Hamilton. Each region has a main OEYC site in addition to several neighbourhood sites. There are also OEYCs to provide French and Aborignal services. The locations of the main sites are listed below. All OEYC locations (including the main and neighbourhood sites) can be viewed on the OEYC service map layer. A complete listing can also be found on the following site by clicking on the “Download printable brochure” link at: http://hamiltonbeststart.ca/oeyc/.

  1. Ancaster/Dundas/Flamborough – 315 Dundas Street East, Waterdown
  2. Hamilton West – 155 Queen Street North, Hamilton
  3. Hamilton Mountain – 320 Brigade Drive, Hamilton ON (located inside Helen Detwiler School)
  4. Hamilton East – 45 Ellis Avenue, Hamilton
  5. Stoney Creek – 33 Cromwell Crescent, Hamilton (back of St. David’s Catholic School)

Child Care

There are multiple options for child care within the city of Hamilton. Some organizations offer child care at multiple sites depending which one is most convenient for your family.

Early Years Information Line is able to identify all child care options that meet your individual needs, and can provide a free customized parent package (a list of child care near your home, work or school). Contact us at 905-524-4884, Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 4:30 pm or at info@earlyyearshamilton.ca

YMCA Child Care

YMCA of Hamilton-Burlington-Brantford operates several licensed child care centres within the city to provide high quality care for children in warm and stimulating environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive. They focus on the YMCA Playing to Learn Curriculum, which encourages children to discover learning through creative play and align with primary school benchmarks. Children at the YMCA Child Care Centres learn through story time, playing with blocks, counting and comparing items, creating pictures, and singing while being encouraged to make-believe while exploring and investigating their world as a developing child.

More information about these centres can be found in the parent handbook: https://ymcahbb.ca/CWP/media/HBB/Documents/Child%20Care/Child-Care-Parent-Handbook-16_5-5×8-5_2017.pdf

The service map outlines locations within the City of Hamilton.

Other child care centres

There are several other centres that offer child care throughout the city of Hamilton. Most run independently and are operated by groups within the community.

Other Resources

Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys and Girls Clubs are located throughout Canada and provide spaces for children and youth to gather for various programs and collaboration. Boys & Girls Clubs offer transformative experiences that are affordable, accessible, and reliable with a focus on learning and skills development.

Staff and volunteers facilitate programming using an individualized, strength-based approach and engage young people to play, learn, and develop essential life skills. Clubs are located in neighbourhoods where they are most needed by young people and their families and emphasize flexible programs based on local needs, the interests of children and youth, and the diversity, character, and identity of their communities.

There are five Boys and Girls Clubs within the city of Hamilton along with a youth centre that the program runs. The complete listing can be found here: http://www.kboysandgirlsclub.com/clubs.html

Contact Hamilton

Contact Hamilton is an entry point to services for children and youth with emotional, behavioural or developmental concerns and adults with developmental disabilities. It is an important starting point for families looking for support for their children who have social, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric and/or developmental concerns. Further details, including contact and application information can be found here: http://contacthamilton.com/main/?wptheme=contact.


There are several other programs that operate within the city of Hamilton to offer resources to families and children, particularly homework help. Individual information can be found on their websites or the service map.