This map (previewed below) features newcomer-friendly services and service providers located in Hamilton, Ontario. For easier navigation and searching, click here for the full Hamilton service map. Here are some instructions for navigating the map –

  • Click the menu Capture in the top left hand corner of the screen to browse by type of service. Use the check-boxes next to each category title to view service locations.
  • Click the arrow under each category title (next to “All items”) to reveal the full list of services.
  • Click on a service either in the menu or on the map to reveal information about the service (contact information, cost, eligibility criteria, etc.).

Not sure how to access early years centres, child care and other services for your kids? Click here for a detailed guide to child and youth services available in Hamilton. 

Click here for a listing of phone hotlines, mobile health services and shelters without listed addresses. Click here for a listing of applications for various local and provincial government programs.

For any issues with map content, or to add a service to the map, please email