Newcomers include immigrants, refugees and refugee claimants settling in Canada. This portal features resources that aim to: (1) support newcomers in accessing services, and (2) support healthcare/service providers in delivering care to newcomers.

HAMILTON SERVICE MAP – An easily navigable map for both newcomers and healthcare/service providers detailing relevant healthcare and social services available to newcomers living in Hamilton, Ontario.

BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES – A compilation of best practice guidelines for healthcare providers serving newcomers. Topics range from Health System Navigation & Culturally Appropriate Care to specific health topics, such as Infectious Diseases.

TRANSLATED HEALTH EDUCATION MATERIALS – A repository of translated patient health education materials in Arabic, Czech, Farsi, Hungarian and Somali. Also includes a listing of databases covering over 100 different languages and health issues.

IFHP BILLING & ELIGIBILITY TOOLS – A package of tools outlining: (1) how to determine what level of healthcare coverage a refugee or refugee claimant is eligible for, (2) how to submit a claim and be remunerated for a services provided to a refugee or refugee claimant, and (3) how clients can sign up for coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program.

Last Updated: August 2017